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RT Dickson grew up flying with his father and in the general aviation community. He began flying airshows in 1992 in a TEMCO

T-35 Buckaroo that the family still owns today.

The Dickson’s consider themselves trustees of this important piece of history and want to preserve it by honoring all those past, present and future that have served the U.S. Armed Forces.


The Dickson family is a supporter of the USAF and Air National Guard. RT and Swamp Fox has been known to frequent 169FW, 4FW, 20FW 159FW, 123AW, among other units for special events, unit support activities, and air shows.

We feel it is important to preserve the Mustang to honor those who built, maintained and flew them as well as inspire future generations to rise to greatness and serve this amazing country.


GINA FLOYD - Public Affairs



RT Dickson

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